QUESTION: What does an event management company do what a pandemic hits?

ANSWER: Cancel all events for the current year in the name of Safety, and start planning for the future

When Covid-19 hit, we at Canaqua Sports made the difficult decision to cancel all of our events for the 2020 season as we believed that it was the only thing to do given all that was going on in the world. We are glad we did as we have always put safety first.

Now as the 2020 season is officially over, we are looking towards 2021 with anticipation and hope that the pandemic will be under control and our events will once again be under way. Our goal is to run all of our traditional events and we are also looking to expand to new areas across Canada. Watch for our Events section to be updated over the next few months as we get our 2021 schedule put together.


Canaqua Sports is looking to run open water swim and swimrun events in new areas across Canada. Our turn-key program will give you all the tools required to host a successful event in your area. If you are interested in knowing more contact us at